Death, divorce, empty-nest syndrome, tragedy, any number of situations can cause a person to experience the Holiday Blues.

5 Tips for Banishing the Holiday Blues

5 min readDec 7, 2019


It doesn’t happen to everyone but for many people, any holiday can be a dreaded time. Often friends are heard saying they would like to just skip this holiday or that. “The holidays just aren’t like they used to be.” Death, divorce, empty nest syndrome, tragedy, any number of situations can cause a person to experience the Holiday Blues. With the right twist of events, no one is immune. There are certain steps a person can take to protect themselves. Here are five tips on banishing the holiday blues.

1. Focus on the Present

How-To-Survive-A-Holiday is often learned early in a person’s life. Each ‘traumatic experience’ gives us an opportunity to learn how to cope better with life.

Throughout life there are many instances where there is an empty chair or a void. It may be a child who has left home; it may be through divorce; it may be through death. There are many causes for the empty chair.

When faced with a holiday without a certain person, determine to focus on the loved ones that are present not the one that is absent; focus on the good in life not the bad.

Do not focus on the empty chair or the void. Although, the person or situation is never forgotten, it cannot be the focus for the holiday. For today, do not look to the past. It is an intentional choice.

When this decision is made, everyone’s happiness is protected. Everyone is deserving of happiness, especially you.

2. Determine to Make the Holidays Yours

When everything in your world is profoundly different, nothing is the same, that can bring sadness, especially at the holiday season. All around us are the reminders of the loss of the relationship and feelings of being alone.

All the traditions in which the family had participated down through the years are gone or changed in a blink of an eye. Salvaging them doesn’t always work.

We can get caught up in grief and loss.

Realizing it is a new day is a first step. There is freedom to create new traditions or not. It’s all about choice and shaping the future. What a thought!!!




RB is a retired psychotherapist, storyteller, genealogists and lover of family.